The Method

The Lanna Cotta Method is a style of workshop/meeting that involves a structure. Check-ins, biographical facts about a related artist and contextual notes about their work as relating to the exercise, the exercise, reflections, and closing time.

I imagine each facilitator has their own ideas about how to present these structural elements to fit their purpose and their participants. When I run the exercises, I generally use a ten minute timer unless the exercise calls for carving the time I want to spend certain parts.

I have made a youtube video demonstrating the way I execute this kind of workshop/meeting, using Zoom and google slides. Click here.

“I’m confused. Is it called Lanna Cotta or Webinara and why does it have a name?” A bit of history of Lanna Cotta. In March 2020, the world changed. I lost my two part-time jobs. To stay active, I created a creative exercise group. My original idea was to name the cohorts. I imagined so much interest that we would have small groups. Now, it’s more of a drop-in scenario. I have also changed the name from Webinara to Lanna Cotta to be more google-able. Webinara, was taken by another company. I was inspired to make a name that was similar in that it had an Italian food-dish and a computer-related pun (think: LAN– local area network– a cotta, like panna cotta, the delicious dessert).

Click here to see when the next Lanna Cotta is scheduled!

What People Say

Lanna Cotta: an accessible, simple yet expansive experience that opened up my creative muscles and gave me an artistic grounding!


Lanna Cotta got me out of my creative comfort zone and challenged me to expand how I approach my art practice.

Robbie Bruens

Lanna cotta is a group to both explore your practice with other artists and do a brief, fun art activity to boost daily creativity.

Nathaniel Miller

Find out if Lanna Cotta is right for you.

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