Talent Show lc03

Summary This is an exercise about improv  using a character Materials Needed –   timer –   Access to props instruments or costumes Instructions  set a timer for 4 minutes to come up with three talent show Acts  consider costume  Props  character effects  duration up to 2 minutes  create a line up  everyone arranges theContinue reading “Talent Show lc03”

Objects’ Stories w043

Summary This is an exercise about storytelling. Materials Needed –   timer –  access to objects –  two or more people (or a witness device, record yourself! Adjust instructions Accordingly)  Instructions  set a timer for 2 minutes and pick three objects to share about  divide 12 minutes by the number of participants and three andContinue reading “Objects’ Stories w043”

Setting Intention w037

Summary This is an exercise about exploring a thinking tool called “intention.” Materials Needed –   timer –  Lined paper –  pen or pencil –  a partner ( this exercise is designed for two or more people,  adjust as necessary) Instructions  set a timer for 5 minutes  brainstorm “what is intention?” (on your own)  ShareContinue reading “Setting Intention w037”

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