Quick Drag w020


This exercise is about cultivating imagination using theater elements,  such as costume and props.

Materials Needed

–   timer

– lined paper

 – pen or a pencil

– Access to costumes/ props


  1. set a timer for 5 minutes
  2.  gather costume elements and or props for 3 looks ( read: characters)  (5min)
  3. set another timer for 5 minutes
  4.  write notes on what the characters attributes are. (5min) Consider:
    1.  Name
    2.  place of origin
    3.  What Do they want?
    4.  Accent
    5.  Mannerisms
  5.  record video or present to group
stills from when I did this exercise


 this is an exercise inspired by Kate McKinnon. She is an actress that stars on the show Saturday Night Live.  she is well known for her impersonations of famous figures such as Hillary Clinton,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Kellyanne Conway.

Published by KC

I am Katarina Countiss, a multimedia designer. I like blogs, games, art and technology. I am curious about how things are made.

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